Fly our A320 simulator

Enables you to train and perfect the operational philosophy through extending your knowledge and understanding of this aircraft.

These simulators are built to exactly replicate the respective aircraft types and their flying performance so that today, training and check flights only take place in a simulator. This saves fuel, extends the life of the aircrafts and engines and allows for training conditions, such as severe thunderstorms and system failures, which cannot be replicated in real flight operations.

Airbus A320 simulator description:

  • Visual triple cylindrical projection, Full HD, with 200º field of view.
  • Photorealistic scenarios with high resolution terrain, detailed airports, runways, taxiways and parking positions.
  • Extensive set of meteorological data, Cat I, II and III, windshear, etc.
  • touch screen instructor operating station allows easy access to simulation settings and instructor control features including aircraft slew and reposition, modify loadsheets, also permits effective interaction without interrupting the flight in overseeing the pilot’s horizontal and vertical flight profiles in real time and space.

Strategic uses:

  • Low Visibility Taxi Practise.
  • CAT II/III Approaches, Non-Precision Approaches & Missed Approach.
  • TCAS scenarios including TA, RA & recovery procedures.
  • Weather radar & EGPWS scenarios with visual correlation
  • ECAM handling and task sharing.

Real Photos of our Boeing737 Simulator:

Photos of our Airbus A320 simulator:

WASIM is an Airbus A320 EASA Training Center Approved

E-ATO-309 Approved Training Organisation

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