Airbus A320 Type Rating Courses

The aspiring pilot will receive an integrated service which consists of theoretical teaching, flight simulator training and flight practising, in order to acquire the knowledge and abilities necessary to operate safely an aircraft certified for more than one pilot, within an atmosphere of mutual cooperation among other crew members.

A320 Type Rating Course Objetives

We guarantee that the aspiring pilot will carry out safely and properly the normal, abnormal and emergency operations, knowing the limitations of the aircraft, its systems and performances, in order to pass the level tests, exams and proficiency checks with the level required by the authority.

Prerequisites for pilots aspiring their first Type Rating (TR)

  • To have a minimum of 70 flying hours as a pilot in command of airplanes.
  • To be the holder of a valid instrumental flight rating in multi-engine airplanes.
  • To be the holder of a MCC certificate. If this course has not been passed, it can be included in the Type Rating Course (TR).
  • Having received education and theoretical knowledge at a ATPL(A) level, having passed a course and having passed an authority level test.
  • To be the holder of a valid Class 1 medical certificate.



Course Description

our trainingin 4 phases

From WASIM will offer you the opportunity to have the necessaty time you need to get the concepts that guaranties you to approve your type rating

Theoretical phase

18 days

FBS simulator

32 hours in our FBS simulators

FFS simulator

36 hours in our FFS simulators

real aircraft

Between 35 and 45 min of real aircraft

Theoretical phase

  • This phase will be for a period of 18 days with Computer Based Training (CBT), classroom training, as well as in a (CSS) cabin procedures trainer.
  • Including considerations about mass and centre of gravity, flight performance and planning.
  • Knowledge test.

FBS Simulator

We complement the theorical phase with 8 sessions (4 hours each one), which is a total of 32 hours of FBS before going to FFS.

FFS Simulator

  • It consists of 9 sessions (4 hours each one), which is a total of 36 hours of Full Flight Simulator training (FFS).
  • Normal, abnormal and emergency operations, as well as the manoeuvres required for a flight and its planning, weight and balance and flight performances.
  • In the 9th session the expert exam will take place.

Real flight

  • This phase will take place in an actual aircraft, where the take-off and landing manoeuvres will be trained in different configurations, putting into practice the abilities acquired.
  • Duration according to the experience.

Between 35 and 45 minutes of real flight


You will find our HQ both Madrid and Barcelona. You can get your Airbus A320 Type Rating from 18.500€.

WASIM is an Airbus A320 EASA Training Center Approved

E-ATO-309 Approved Training Organisation

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